Pierre Elliott Trudeau

“If he hadn’t existed, we would have had to invent him. In many ways, of course, we did.”
~ from Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Pierre Elliott TrudeauLove him or hate him, Pierre Trudeau marked us all. The man whose motto was “reason over passion” managed to arouse in Canadians the fiercest of passions of every hue, ones that even today cloud our view of him and of his place in our history. Nino Ricci takes as his starting point the crucial role Trudeau played in the formation of his own sense of identity to look at how he expanded us as a people, not in spite of his contradictions but because of them.

A personal look at Trudeau and at the pivotal role he played in the lives of an entire generation of Canadians. Part of the Extraordinary Canadians series, edited by John Ralston Saul.

Published by Penguin Books Canada and in French by Éditions du Boréal.

Andrew Cohen and Nino Ricci compare Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau.

Even if you have read Stephen Clarkson and Christina McCall or John English’s superb biographies, far more substantial and detailed, you will still want to read this elegant little book. It provides the best, and best written, perspective on Trudeau there is.
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  1. Dennis Tate says:

    Nino, I personally decided to join the Liberal Party back in 2009 but from what I have read I am convinced that Prime Minister Trudeau did make a serious error back in the early 1970′s when he altered an important aspect of Canadian monetary policy.

    “We never should have privatized our debt and turned it over to the
    private banks, we should have kept it in the hands of the Bank of Canada,
    at least a major part of it, because then we would have been paying
    interest back to ourselves.” (NDP Leader Jack Layton)